Buckley Siblings Will Kickoff Stampede BBQ

Yeeeehaw Seedlings!

Once again The Mustard Seed is gearing up for our Friday Stampede BBQ where thousands of our neighbours come out for some free beef on a bun, carnival games, and live music. However, this year we’ve taken our live music to a new octave.

We’re aren’t quite sure how we convinced Tim Buckley and his sister Mariel Buckley to perform at our Stampede BBQ this Friday – but it’s happening and we couldn’t be more grateful for the musical pair.

Born-and-raised Calgarians, they both have proven themselves in the roots rock music community here in Alberta, and are natural soulful artists who like to dabble with that country line.

“What I would consider country music – that doesn’t sound like any of the country music that you hear on mainstream radio,” Tim told us.

According to Tim’s website – www.tbuckley.ca – over his 10-year career he has released four albums, topped the radio charts, sold out shows across western Canada, has held down a successful 4-year weekly resident at one of Calgary’s best live music venues, AND been recognized in four songwriting competitions, most recently Kerrville International Songwriters Competition in Texas.

With this resume, we were honoured he considered us.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of the event just based on the work that you guys do,” Tim told us. “It’s important to have these experiences and realize there’s a lot of people out there that don’t have a whole lot and we have to do what we can to help them out.”

Initially, only Tim was going to perform for us on Friday but asked if he could invite his sister. We said the more the merrier!

Turns out Mariel might have an even bigger resume than Tim.

According to her website – www.marielbuckley.com – the Calgary Herald said her songs “dazzling and assured variations on traditional country ballads, seem immediately timeless and she possesses a dry sense of humour that will quickly win over any crowd.”

The two are performing at Calgary’s First Flip on Thursday, July 5th to kick off the beginning of the festivities, then making their way to us for Friday from 12 – 2pm.

We look forward to seeing everyone out there!