Sometimes the big picture can be overwhelming. Ending poverty, for instance, can seem like a huge undertaking. But for others, such as 8 year old Camryn, it isn’t. Her mother, Cindy, explains it this way.

“How simple it is to help people. As adults we see it as a big deal, but for (Camryn) it was so simple. She was presented with a need and a solution came easy.”

A family friend told Camryn some people cannot afford gloves or mittens. The revelation sparked an idea in her young mind. “Maybe we could trade something for gloves?” That something was chocolate chip, oatmeal, cookies. She wrote a letter. She carried her tin of cookies throughout her neighbourhood, knocked on doors and read her appeal. “When I heard the story it made me feel sad so I decided to collect gloves and donate them to The Mustard Seed.”

Two holiday seasons later, she has collected 2800 gloves. The drive has kept Camryn and her Mom busy baking with countless cookies handed out. Cindy beams when she talks about her daughter.

“I’m super proud of her. I’m so thankful she can get everyone’s heart in the right place. It’s busy and chaotic and she keeps us grounded.”