How to Host a DIY Fundraiser with Great Ideas for You!

Has your workplace, school, church, or community organization raised funds for a non-profit organization? Then you may have seen a DIY fundraiser in action.

DIY fundraising consists of individuals or groups raising funds on behalf of a non-profit organization. DIY fundraisers gives organizers the freedom to create a fundraiser on their own terms, including the goal, the timeframe, and the fundraising style.

The Mustard Seed has a new website that outlines how to run your own DIY fundraiser on our behalf. Are you looking to create a DIY fundraiser to support The Mustard Seed? We have a few ideas to help you get started.

3 DIY Fundraising Ideas for Families and Friends

1. Bake Sale

Do you have a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe that is out of this world? Now’s the time to show it off! Ask family and friends to create tasty treats for your bake sale and sell them in support of The Mustard Seed.

2. Used Book Sale

Do you have books that your children have outgrown or that they are no longer interested in? We bet your family and friends do to! Come together to give used books a new life by selling them with funds going to a great cause.

3. Trivia Night

Trivia nights are a great way to get the community together in support of a great cause. Organize an event where you ask questions about popular tv shows, movies, books or pop culture, and charge admission.

3 DIY Fundraising Ideas for Schools

1. Read-A-Thon

This is a great activity for schools! Kids ask their parents, friends, and family to sponsor their efforts in a read-a-thon. The children collect donations for however many pages or minutes they read.

2. Class Cookbook

Ask every child in class to bring in their favourite family recipe to compile in a cookbook. Once printed, sell to the school community at large, all for a good cause.

3. Field Day

Remember the classic games of tug-o-war, three-legged race, and egg and spoon race? At field day, students organize activities and invite family and friends to attend. Participants are charged admissions to have some good old-fashioned fun, with earnings going to the Mustard Seed.

For more DIY fundraiser ideas for schools and kids, visit this resource.

3 DIY Fundraising Ideas for Workplaces

1. Golf Tournament

Golf Tournaments are perfect for workplaces and have raised countless dollars for charities around the world! Select a date and location and encourage staff to create teams and sign up. You can even sweeten the pot by offering incentives like a hole-in-one prize, or perks for the top golfer.

2. Bowl-A-Thon

Organize a fun day out for your colleagues by putting together a bowl-a-thon! Coordinate with a local bowling alley and invite team members to solicit donations from friends and family to participate. This is a fun way to get coworkers to have some fun, while raising money for your cause.

3. Embarrass the Boss

Who wouldn’t relish in the chance to plunge the CEO into a dunk tank, throw a pie in your supervisor’s face or shave your district managers head, all for the good cause? Once permission is acquired from HR and the executive team, coordinate the opportunity for colleagues to compete to raise the most funds for The Mustard Seed. Whoever does gets the chance to carry out the embarrassing act!

For more DIY fundraiser ideas for workplaces, visit this resource.

3 DIY Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

1. Themed Fundraising Party

Looking to host a party for a good cause? Ask your friends to attend your next party in a themed costume. Charge a few dollars at the door, people who are dressed up pay a smaller fee than people who forgot their costumes. If you’re looking to make it a larger event, share on social media and have as many people attend as possible, with all proceeds going to towards your cause.

2. Sponsored Physical Activity

Turn your favourite way to get fit into a fundraiser! Whether you are an avid cyclist, runner, swimmer, or rock climber, set a goal, and raise fund as you train for your big day. Run 5 KM, bike 20 KM, swim 50 laps, or climb the highest mountain in the world, all for a great cause.

3. Virtual 24-Hour Giving Day

Host a virtual 24-hour giving day by asking your supporters to donate to you within a 24-hour period. Similar to Giving Tuesday, a giving day creates a sense of urgency and community in your donors. An online giving day requires a lot of online promotion to reach as many supporters as possible. Share the details through social media, email, web or text messages.

For more DIY fundraising ideas, visit this resource.

By hosting a DIY fundraiser, you are raising funds to help us serve the most vulnerable in our communities. Thank you!