Behind the Scenes of an Employment Program Event

Written by Sydney R., Employment Program Supervisor

The employment program at The Mustard Seed is known for its INNOVATION and COLLABORATION. Our goal is to get our clients sustainable jobs, but it is not an individual, standalone process. We work to break down all the barriers our clients may face, whether that be completing a criminal record check with the client, new work clothes for a job, a haircut for interviews or writing a professional resume. One way our program is striving to do this is by hosting seasonal employment preparation events where guests searching for employment can come and receive resume writing support, mock interviews with professional HR representatives, a free haircut, and professional interview clothing.

Our employment team has to collaborate with a number of different departments within The Mustard Seed to host an event like this. Everyone from communications, to donor relations, to facilities (and MORE) is involved. Many phone calls and social media blasts were made in order to receive interview clothing donations and professional hair stylist support. GOD PROVIDED: We were frantically trying to find hair stylists and employer support, but everything came together at the last minute. Employers were asking to be a part of our event, hair stylists were calling the day before the event hoping to provide services to our guests, and a general buzz around The Mustard Seed was created during all the planning and preparation.

At the event, we SERVED a total of 78 people: 8 people received professional resume support, 15 had the chance to mock interview with HR professionals, 47 people received fresh haircuts, and 48 had the opportunity to obtain interview clothing! Everyone who walked through the door received socks, a beverage, and hygiene items. All the guests were so GRATEFUL. One client said, “Thank you so much for organizing this event, I am ready to interview now!”

I am so proud of our employment team and all the volunteers for coming together and literally CHANGING LIVES, providing hope and well-being through Jesus’ love. One client said “I feel like a new person with my hair cut!” It is a privilege to serve at The Mustard Seed and provide support and encouragement to our amazing clients.