Volunteers Make Family Day Special for 1010 Centre Residents

Many 1010 Centre residents know how it feels to be in need of a hot meal and a place to call home. For them, this year’s Family Day lunch served a special purpose in their search for a strong sense of comfort and community.

“Everyday I meet people who are non-judgmental” said John, who is a new resident.

John spoke with pride about the warm welcome he received as soon as he walked in the door, less than a week prior to Family Day.

Each resident was served a lunch that included potatoes, mixed vegetables and roast beef, with every plate prepared by volunteers.

John was very honest and humble about how The Mustard Seed gives people a new understanding of family and community.

“Everyone introduces themselves here, there is a strong sense of belonging and openness” John said.

Another resident, Yves, who works most weeks, spoke about how events like the Family Day lunch are important to bring people together, since opportunities to meet people can be hard because of work.

“Events like this, bring a warm meal for everyone, no matter who they are. What more could you ask for during Family Day” said Yves, while enjoying coffee and desert.

This appreciation of acceptance and belonging is a special quality that makes the Mustard Seed a big family. Surrounded by good company, that included veteran residents and new faces, it was clear that a deep perspective behind the value of family that is felt here at The Mustard Seed.

– Matthew, 1010 Centre Resident