A Portrait of Giving Back Through In-Kind Donations

The demand for donations and contributions from various organizations can seem overwhelming at times, and realistically, many people are barely making ends meet themselves and don’t necessarily have the funds to make multiple cash donations, no matter how worthy the cause.

The good news is that in-kind donations can be just as impactful as a gift of cash. Many non-profit agencies lack the resources to fund repairs, supplies for programming or marketing and promotion.

That’s what drew Kamloops-based photographer Tiffany Christianson to giving a gift of photography services to The Mustard Seed.

“For me, it was an opportunity for me to give back to my community,” said Christianson. “Sometimes I feel like there are so many worthy causes, it can be hard to choose.”

Christianson was familiar with The Mustard Seed organization in Calgary and saw the good work the organization was doing in Kamloops previously as New Life Community and now as The Mustard Seed.

“The Mustard Seed is so rooted in our community and are helping. Any donation you make there, stays in our community, and that is important to me—that the donation stays in Kamloops,” said Christianson who donated photography services to provide photos to be used for The Mustard Seed’s website and social media channels.

The photos focused on showcasing the staff and the services offered by The Mustard Seed to the community. Christianson said it was an interesting look into the behind-the-scenes of all the work taking place in the background.

“The people that work there are happy to be there,” said Christianson. “I think when you work with people who are homeless or have drug and alcohol issues, it could be quite difficult. But the people that are there enjoy their jobs.”

“Often people who go to places like The Mustard Seed are homeless, I feel like they’re not in a good place in their life. They don’t walk in the door and shine happiness. But when they come in and see familiar faces and the staff know their name, there is a sense of routine, community, friendship, and belonging.”

Providing a service can help organizations like The Mustard Seed tell their story and support the important programs and assistance to those in need. Don’t let a lack of dollars stop you from giving—often a gift of time or talent is priceless.