Shining a Light on an Amazing Partner: GlowStone Lighting

We are truly fortunate to be partnered with local business, GlowStone Lighting!

Known for more than just your ordinary lights, GlowStone Lighting was started by a couple Canadians who just loved holiday lights. Not the putting them up, taking them down, unpacking them and packing them away, but the feeling they get when their homes are set up and in full display.

They believe that everyone should “love coming home” and everything they do as a company revolves around that simple idea.

In October 2020, GlowStone Lighting graciously donated their high-quality lighting system to our Calgary location and outfitted our downtown building in beautiful, customizable LED lights.

But to Jason, President of GlowStone Lighting, they’re more than just lights - they’re a way to connect with his friends, family, and community.

“I’m almost always looking for a way to talk to my daughters, so that we can have conversations that aren’t just ‘My dad talking to me again’ you know?” says Jason.

“It’s nice when I can say to them, ‘Hey guess what tonight is? The Coldest Night of the Year!’ Or ‘Guess what today is, it’s the 12 Days of Giving.’ And just have a conversation with them around whatever it is and why we’re doing our lights that way.”

“If I’m saying to them, ‘Oh yeah we’re putting the lights up blue and yellow tonight because it’s the Coldest Night of the Year’ – it’s an opportunity for us to understand and recognize that there are families that don’t have a place to stay tonight. They’re in a car, they’re in a shelter, they’re somewhere that’s not perfect, that they don’t love coming home to,” says Jason.

And that’s why it was important for Jason and GlowStone Lighting to do what they could to support our organization. Thanks to their incredible generosity, when you get a quote for GlowStone Lighting on your home or business, $200 from each install will be donated to helping those experiencing homelessness and poverty in your city!

“Let’s make your home something where you can say ‘Yeah, I love coming home to my lights, not just because they’re beautiful, not just because I never have to hang lights again, but also because I help support the Mustard Seed,” says Jason.

“I imagine that there are a lot of people who come home that are so thankful that they had an interaction with the Mustard Seed because of the home they’re in now,” says Jason. “And we want that same feeling of ‘You may not have needed the services of the Mustard Seed, but you understand the importance of it.’”

We are incredibly grateful to have GlowStone Lighting as a partner, and we want to give them a huge thank you for helping us illuminate hope in our communities!

To learn more about GlowStone Lighting or to get a quote, please visit: