Home Hardware Builds Community with Donations and Dollars

Every year Kamloops Home Hardware raises funds through their Ladies Night charity event, partnering with a community-focused not-for-profit like The Mustard Seed. This year’s event was attended by a record number of ladies, with nearly 400 tickets being sold, resulting in $3,750 being raised—the largest donation from ticket proceeds to date.

“The first event took place in 2009 and started out as a group of ladies and a few staff members getting together and doing some seasonal crafts after hours at the store,” said Brian Hamilton, store manager, Kamloops Home Hardware. “Over the past 10 years, the event has grown exponentially and is now a well-attended event that includes an assortment of arts and crafts, interactive games, vendor demonstrations and local artisan booths, local wine tastings, and great savings.”

This year’s partnership with The Mustard Seed is also unique in the ability of Home Hardware to connect The Mustard Seed’s requirements for materials to update the facility and their ability to supply all the materials at cost.

“This essentially allowed us to stretch the donated money to the fullest degree to ensure the maximum benefit for The Mustard Seed organization,” said Hamilton.

“The Mustard Seed plays such an integral role in helping so many community members in their greatest time of need that it felt like the right choice to try and help these folks with any of the necessities they needed to make their day to day operations a little easier.”

Kamloops Home Hardware Building Centre has a long history of being heavily involved in the community.

“Many years ago we realized how important it was to partner with community groups and not-for-profits within our community to ensure that any and all of what we were donating was going to be able to impact the greatest number and most needed areas of our community,” said Hamilton.

“It takes support from every business and each community member to ensure those in need don’t go without. Kamloops Home Hardware is extremely thankful for the work of these groups and organizations, and we will continue to support those that support our great city.”