Helping Hatter's Find Hope

Meet Tom.

He’s battled a multitude of health issues. But he doesn’t let that get him down.

He came to The Mustard Seed looking for help – but found so much more.


Counselling, support with his taxes and identification, and arrangements to receive new glasses are some of the ways he’s received help.

"I'm really happy about The Mustard Seed," said Tom. "I think it's great.

Additionally, his positive attitude and faith are the fuel that keeps him going.

"Just having the support... these guys really came through for me," said Tom.

Meet Liz.

She told us The Mustard Seed helps her every single day.

Depending on what’s going on in her life, she utilizes the program or service that fits her needs.

The other day, her laundry machine broke down, so she used the washer and dryer at the Community Centre. She also was in desperate need of dog food, so our advocates organized the delivery.


"I'm always telling people about The Mustard Seed and how they can help," said Liz. Counselling is currently what she is benefiting from. To her, The Mustard Seed is a one-stop shop for help.

"It's the one place that actually works, that's trying to meet a goal, and they actually are," said Liz.

Meet Rob.

He’s got a big heart. Especially for the disenfranchised.

During his stay at The Mustard Seed Shelter, he advocates and sympathizes with the guests staying there.

"Everything that I've asked, they've helped me with," said Rob.


He’s going through some tough times himself but is now headed in the right direction. Along with a safe place to sleep, he’s received help with his finances, resume, and taxes.

His smile does not go unnoticed when he stops in for a meal.

"I'm going in the right direction now," said Rob.

Meet Jude.

He comes to The Mustard Seed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

He’s grateful to have a friendly, welcoming place where he can grab a meal, but also chat with friends.


He’s made a point of tapping into every service that he can. Laundry, income support, and meals – these have been the biggest help to him.

"The laundry is a big deal for me because I camp outside now that it's getting nice out," said Jude.

He’s appreciative of the programs, but also the community.

"They advocated for me and I finally got on income support," said Jude.

Meet Warren.

Counselling is high up there on the list of programs and services he’s accessed through The Mustard Seed.

Somebody to talk to; that’s what’s invaluable to him.


“It’s helpful – it’s so helpful, having somebody to talk to. They don’t judge you,” Warren says.

By working through issues in a safe, confidential environment, he’s been able to obtain housing and financial support. But more importantly, a new beginning.

“You need to trust who you’re talking with,” says Warren. “If somebody has something to talk about, or needs any information, the advocates are always there.”

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