Keeping our Vulnerable Community Safe in Kamloops

Michaela Jyrkkanen, Clinic and Advocacy Services Manager for The Mustard Seed was extremely grateful to Dale Walker and his team at Forager Distilling for donating desperately needed hand sanitizer in Kamloops. With a shortage of supplies, the donation came at a time when the team needed these items in order to safely treat guests.

“It’s so cool that they made sanitizer to give to us and they are sharing the recipe with the public so the rest of the community can make their own,” said Michaela. It’s really lovely to see people in the community donating their time and material to make our vulnerable clients safer and acknowledging their health matters.”

On behalf of The Mustard Seed, we thank Dale and his team for giving back during these undetermined times. To all our volunteers and donors, we are so grateful you choose to help those most vulnerable in a time of crisis.

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