Logan Has Planted the Seed of a Legacy That Will Continue to Grow

At age 10, Logan has planted the seed of a legacy that will continue to grow. He donated $500.

Logan’s philanthropy has roots with his family, as his grandmother made sure to pass on a lesson in social justice.

It began with a simple love for cars. Jane’s husband Reno Trentini always wanted to own a Chevelle. In 1999 the couple bought one and then purchased another classic vehicle, a 1970 Chevrolet, El Camino; from there, a long restoration process began. In the same year, Jane was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was then that the couple decided to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Reno says, “I’m not attached to the cars. For me, the fun was in building them and the creative process.”

The family auctioned off the restored cars in 2016 and decided to donate the proceeds to charity. Half of the sum will go towards the MS Society of Canada, the other to create an endowment fund where the income from the investment will go to the children and grandchildren to donate to charitable organizations. Logan chose The Mustard Seed because he wants to helps others who don’t have as much.

His donation will continue to grow and his mother, Dawn, couldn’t be prouder.

“This took on a life of its own with just a little bit of generosity, it snowballed into positivity. A small amount can make a big difference.”

As for Logan’s grandmother, Jane, she says it was a life lesson worth passing on, “How can we turn a labour of love for beautiful vehicles, which is more of a selfish thing, and transforms that into a family legacy. This will grow and the kids can manage it from here.”