The Perspective of an Art Volunteer

Bill holds his canvas he painted during the Art Program that he hosts every Wednesday at The Mustard Seed

“Whoever believes in him shall not perish” is what Bill painted at the bottom of his canvas. About 40 years ago is when Bill let Christ into his heart, and since then he’s continued to do what his religious compass has guided him to do, which is give back.

Bill began volunteering his time at The Mustard Seed in 2005. Fifteen years down the road, you will still find him in our Support Centre devotedly running the art program every single Wednesday.

“Talking to these guys here,” he told us as he smiled in the direction of the guests painting their canvases, “I love to talk to them and enjoy painting with them too.”

Without a doubt, the trust and faith that our guests and residents have come to resonate with the art program can be attributed to Bill’s dedication.

“I find it kind of relaxing,” said resident Emily. “It gives me some calm time with myself, as well as a chance to get to know some of the other clients.”

After a successful collaboration with local artist Dean Stanton and Mona Lisa Artists’ Materials Ltd, a mural was created with the help of Bill and the art program participants. As of last week, the final piece was installed and is on showcase for every single person that walks into our Support Centre.

Currently, Bill has the participants completing an 18-piece mural to be displayed in The Mustard Seed’s Support Centre’s stairwell.

“I’ve had a pretty good life,” Bill told us. “I just felt I had to give back in some way.”