You are Invited to Saturday Night Worship Service

Garret, the Community Chaplain at The Mustard Seed in Edmonton, has started a 7 pm Saturday service for anyone in the community who wishes to attend.

He says “I listened to God through our population; the community participants said a service would be cool.”

The Mustard Seed worship services attract a wide variety of people and there are usually between 60 to 80 people on any given Saturday evening. Our pastor says “the overall tone is come as you are, follow Jesus and through a relationship with him your life will change. It’s all about transformational living.”

“One fellow came up to me and said ‘I just got out of jail and I’m trying to integrate myself back into society’ so he came to the worship service,” says Pastor Garret.
After the service that same man said “if Jesus is really the way you say he is, I’m ready to follow that man.”

“God just asks you to follow him wherever you are in your life,” Pastor Garret adds.

Pastor Garret joined The Mustard Seed in Edmonton in November, 2015. He had been a pastor at a church but he felt he needed more.

“I have always had a heart for those that are marginalized in anyway. People that need someone to advocate for them.”

Pastor Garret leads the worship service for 30-40 minutes every Saturday evening at the church building. Everyone is welcome.