A Special Gift From The RBC Foundation

Every year, The Mustard Seed offers university and college students the chance to put their learning into practice and develop new skills through practicums. We host students in a variety of roles, from counselling to resident engagement to occupational therapy.

This year, students in counselling psychology got an exciting opportunity to participate in training workshops that greatly enhanced their practicum experience. These workshops were made possible through a generous gift of $50,000 from the RBC Foundation, which also supported other practicum program costs.

The gift was received as part of the RBC Foundation’s Future Launch Program, which supports young Canadians in preparing for the future of work. RBC has been a faithful supporter of The Mustard Seed’s practicum program since 2017.

In February, students at the Wellness Centre in Calgary took part in workshops on solution-focused therapy and mindfulness. Students learned about these therapy techniques and how to use them with clients.

“The mindfulness training was an excellent opportunity for students to learn to be compassionate towards themselves, resulting in being more compassionate towards their clients,” said Randi Sager, Indigenous Provisional Registered Psychologist at The Mustard Seed.

Students from the workshop appreciated the chance to work in small groups and get hands-on training from experts in the field.

“These trainings were extremely beneficial to my learning as a student and the intimate class sizes allowed for a beautiful and organic conversation to occur between the presenter and listeners,” said Kobi, a student in the program. “I appreciated the interactive nature, and the use of multiple media, discussions and activities led to a really powerful learning experience.”

We at The Mustard Seed thank the RBC Foundation for giving the gift of learning to our students. Thank you for your support!