Students Help us Plant Seeds of Hope

  • “We want to help the homeless have a better life.”

  • “We want people to have food to eat and a bed to sleep in.”

  • “We want to help people get off the streets.”

  • “We want to help people be health and have medicine.”

  • “We want people to be happy.”

  • “It makes us feel good to help others.”

  • “Thank you for working hard and helping those in need.”

  • “Thank you for all you do for the people who need it.”

  • “My favourite thing today was going to The Mustard Seed. I like it because it provides things homeless people need.”

  • “Today at The Mustard Seed we got make sandwiches for the poor and we got a job to do and mine was to put cheese on them.”

  • “I wonder when I grow up if I can make a change in the world.”

  • “Thank you for teaching us how to look at a poor person in a different way.”

Every year our Community Engagement teams in Calgary and Edmonton reach out to schools to connect with the students and their teachers. It’s an opportunity for discussion and/or volunteering with us as a class.

The students are very compassionate and are often inspired to help people in need.

We are grateful for their gifts and also the cards and letters they send to us.

These quotes come from students at the Third Academy in Calgary and from students at Monsignor Fee Otterson School and St. Martha School, both in Edmonton.