Your Support of The Mustard Seed Employment Program is Invaluable

Ron* says when he came to The Mustard Seed Employment Program what he really needed was a boost in confidence and someone to believe in him. That is exactly what he received from his employment coach.

Ron is a highly-educated, intelligent man. He has a lot of work experience and a PhD in Community Health Sciences from the University of Calgary, but he has also experienced homelessness and poverty which he says is a result of his addiction.

When Ron came to The Mustard Seed he had made significant life changes. He was sober and ready to work in his field again, but he couldn’t find a job. “I’m over qualified plus I’m Aboriginal and that plays a role in it, there is racism involved,” Ron says.

He says on one particular day he was really frustrated and ready to give up, however he had an appointment with Giselle, one of the employment coaches at The Mustard Seed.

“She listened, she understood and she didn’t judge…the truth is that day I did feel like going out and having me a beer and saying to hell with it right? But, I came in and I talked to her and she said ‘keep going,’” says Ron.

“I felt like giving up, I was feeling kind of down and she gave me more confidence because if I would have gone out and did what I intended to do, who knows? I wouldn’t have been there to receive the call.”

The call was in fact a call from a large health region with a job offer for Ron. The position is a role in senior management and a fit for his expertise.

Ron accepted the job offer.

Our employment coaches are dedicated to helping people find jobs. Sometimes it means helping update resumes, perhaps it’s practicing interview skills, but often it is just providing the encouragement men and women need to believe in themselves.

The Mustard Seed has many guests looking for full time sustainable employment. If you are an employer who has jobs available, or would like more information about partnering with our program, please call Jeremiah at 403-615-9210.

*Ron asked that he not be identified because of the discrimination he has faced in the past.