The Mustard Seed and H&R Block Canada Partner Up

Helping our vulnerable population with taxes

Workers who are experiencing homelessness face serious challenges that may prevent them from claiming income tax. Sometimes this means many years of taxes owing or the inability to claim Income Support or AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped). Thankfully H&R Block is here to help.

Without a stable place to live, workers who are without a home may not receive mail consistently, making it hard to be sure they receive the documents needed to file a tax return and claim tax credits. Often these documents can be destroyed.

Luckily this tax service is specialized for the needs of our guests, helping them prepare and file with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for no charge.

Richard, a guest of The Mustard Seed, is relieved to learn that he does not need to pay the fees in order to file with the CRA. His work in the field of home renovation and auto shop labour has not been consistent in our economy.

“I haven’t got my GST for the last few years,” he said. “I don’t have the fees to get my income tax done. So this tax clinic it is worth the wait, and it’s a big deal for me,” he said.

For many of our guests who have experienced chronic homelessness, the void in filing income tax can go back five and even 10 years.

H&R Block offering a hand up to our guests

H&R Block Canada is headquartered in Calgary, and during this peak tax season they are kind enough to send their top accountants to work with The Mustard Seed guests all week long.

Thank you H&R Block for your willingness to help our guests with their tax filing. It is such an invaluable service to our guests and it brings a sense of peace and hope when our guests see that they are finally getting the help they need.

According to Richard Brown, President of H&R Block Canada, “The Mustard Seed is the ideal partner to help bring this program to life, as they have been working with Calgarians in need of support for more than 30 years. As Canada’s leading provider of tax services, we will bring our tax expertise to the table and help get people’s taxes filed on time so they can access important government tax credits and programs.”

Every year Canadians who live below the poverty line miss out on important government benefits, such as the GST credit, because they don’t file their taxes. For many, simply having the ability to use The Mustard Seed as their address gives them access to these government supports.

“At The Mustard Seed, we work with people from all walks of life experiencing an unfortunate downturn in their lives,” says Donna Ryder, Wellness Advocate for The Mustard Seed. “Programs like H&R Block Canada’s free tax clinic, provide immediate and important support, which for many will have a significant impact on their well-being.”

Thank you for having a lasting impact on our guests H&R Block Canada.