The Mustard Seed Community Gardens Grows Hope for Those in Need

Claire, a Mustard Seed summer intern in Edmonton writes below about her summer-long experience working closely with community participants and managing three community garden projects:

“Thanks to the nourishing rains, the plants are growing at the three gardens that The Mustard Seed community manages. I have personally really enjoyed the gardening and the time spent with the community at all three gardens- each provides a different atmosphere that brings out a variety of ideas, thoughts and stories.

Our Lady Flower Gardens, as always, is a wonderful space for the community to connect with creation through working the earth, while enjoying the peacefulness of the wide prairie sky. I particularly enjoyed The Mustard Seed van driving out to Our Lady Flower Gardens rocking out to 80’s music while carrying bags full of crisp spinach. The Living Bridge garden, planted with flowers and herbs, has been a great conversation starter with the community participants that walk by. Our conversations have ranged from quick hellos to karaoke invitations.

The third garden, the McCauley community garden, allows community participants to have their own raised bed and have full responsibility over what they grow (even the weeding). Although it’s had a bit of a slow start this year, community gardeners are eagerly picking up a plot and planting vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, and lettuce. Between these three gardens, all who want to garden (or just hang out) are able to participate. As the summer comes to a close we’re already dreaming of the harvest- watermelons from Our Lady Flower Garden, tomatoes from Living Bridge, and swiss chard from the McCauley Community garden!”