Volunteers: The backbone of The Mustard Seed

“I didn’t realize how easy it is to love someone.”– SeedServe participant

Volunteers, this week is for you. From those serving in our kitchens to hairdressers, faith companions, warehouse volunteers, snow removal, and everything in between, we want to thank you for your time and dedication to helping those who walk through our doors.

The Mustard Seed was founded on community members donating their time and money to help their neighbours in need. This organization was created through volunteerism and donations - and that continues to be its backbone, even decades later. Throughout our locations in all five cities, The Mustard Seed sees an overwhelming amount of support and volunteers from our communities.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization.” – Andrew, director of Volunteer Services. Volunteering in any capacity is about more than just filling a direct need, which is still an incredibly important aspect. But further than that, it’s about educating the public about homelessness and poverty, about what they need and the services that help them most.

We already know our volunteers are amazing, however, we wanted to hear what they had to say and why they continue to come back and serve.

“My favourite part of volunteering is being able to have connections with the guests and share their joy when they get a job or find a place to move to… it makes me happy to know that I have played a small role and was able to watch it happen.” – Chantel

“[Volunteering] is a way of giving back to the community, meeting people [and] is something meaningful to do with my sister!” – Justine

“I started volunteering for the Mustard Seed in Medicine Hat… around March 1, 2022, when I brought my snow shovel and helped on a snowy morning.” – Paul

“I have enjoyed working with the guests and residents… they are a source of inspiration and joy.” – Jeff

The major [hair] transformations are quite fun, especially for those that haven’t had anything done to their hair for over a year. It’s fun and I love the experience, for me, it’s not work.” – Nancy

“Sometimes I feel like [the guests] do more change for me than I do for them. [Volunteering] opens your heart to a whole new world.” – Layalla

“I was in the school system and so I was able to see how important it was for the school children to be fed… I saw firsthand how big the impact of this program was in schools. I stay because I believe in the program.” – Della

Ready to make an impact?

Our volunteer opportunities are divided into individual and group service activities. Explore available opportunities to find a spot that's right for you! Learn more at https://theseed.ca/volunteer