Volunteers: The Life Blood of The Mustard Seed

“Volunteers are the life blood of our organization."

Said Andrew, Volunteer Resources and Street Level Manager at The Mustard Seed Calgary.

Andrew works directly with volunteers every day and sees firsthand their importance to the organization.

“Canadians are very willing to give back to the less fortunate [and] we provide the opportunity for them to do so.”

The Mustard Seed was founded on community members donating their time and money to help their neighbours in need. This organization was created through volunteerism and donations and that continues to be its backbone, even decades later. Throughout all our locations in all five cities, The Mustard Seed sees an overwhelming amount of support and volunteering from our communities.

It's volunteers that allow The Mustard Seed to provide a vast amount of programming and support for those experiencing homelessness in our cities. Without people volunteering their time, many of these programs would not be able to function to the extent that they do. Through meal prep, serving, cleaning, organizing clothes and so much more. When volunteers can fill these day-to-day roles of helping in our shelters and with meals, then this allows The Mustard Seed to focus on finding more ways to help those experiencing homelessness and reach even more of our vulnerable population.

Volunteering in any capacity is about more than just filling a direct need, which is still an incredibly important aspect. But further than that, it's about educating the public about homelessness and poverty, about what they need and the services that help them most.

We love how willing people are to give back to the less fortunate and here at The Mustard Seed, we give them the space to do so.

“We provide an opportunity to volunteer and cultivate a compassionate response to homelessness and poverty,” said Andrew.

It's not just about filling a direct need or service here at The Mustard Seed, it's about giving community members a chance to become more involved citizens and more informed about our guests, organization and industry.

However, the need for volunteers is never complete. We're always looking for more people to offer their time in many different avenues throughout our organization in all five cities. There are so many different roles that need to be filled, you are sure to find one that's a good fit for you!

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