The Mustard Seed Employment Team Assists Syrian Refugees

Our Mustard Seed employment team held a workshop recently for a group of Syrian Refugees. It was an opportunity for the new immigrants to improve their chances of finding work and help them to adjust to their new life here in Canada.

“The goal of this event, like all the things we do at The Mustard Seed, is to help our neighbours,” says Jeremiah Smith, Employment Manager.

The employment team was asked by Rana Haddad, a member of the Antiochian Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, to help the refugees with their resumes and interview skills. Haddad says she noticed a great need for such services among newcomers to her church.

On April 12, our employment coaches worked one-on-one with the refugees to effectively communicate the work experience and skills on their resumes.

Tarek Daoud was one of the attendees at the event. He worked in the media in Syria and says he would like to pursue that career here in Canada, but first, he has to fix his resume.

“I can’t tell you what I can do. In every profession there are specific things and details that I can’t properly articulate,” Daoud says.

“I recognize the importance of this workshop,” Daoud says. “As newcomers, it’s very important for us to become involved in this community because in four years, we’re going to be Canadian. We need to learn more about Canada’s society and traditions.”

Daoud came to Canada alone, while his family stayed in Syria, but once he finds a steady job he says, “I hope after a while I can bring them down here, but first, I have to stand on my feet.”

The Mustard Seed is happy to be part of Daoud’s journey to becoming a Canadian citizen.

If you or your company would like to be a partner in The Mustard Seed’s Employment Program you can contact Jeremiah at 403 615 9210 or email [email protected] The Mustard Seed has many guests looking for full time sustainable employment, we work with the guests and the employers to create job opportunities.